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SSL develops and delivers multi-functional simulators for the nuclear and conventional power plants about twelve years.

The simulators representing an important part of the power plants personnel training can be either full-scope (FSS) or multi-functional (MFS) ones.

FSS is a software-hardware simulating complex used for group training of the Main Control Room (MCR) operational personnel. FSS consists of a real MCR full-scope model and a complete mathematical model of all modes of the power unit operation in the real time (PNAE G-5-40-97).

    AS is the software-hardware simulating complex intended for the Main Control Room (MCR) operational personnel training using the power unit full-scale mathematic model operating in the real time mode (RD EO 0278-01). Comparing with FSS it does not include the real MCR full-scale model.
AS presents the information and motored fields at the displays and equipment is controlled by mouse, light-pen or touch screen.
    It is well-known that training of the personnels intellectual skills is much more complex and important than that of the sensor-motor ones. As a rule, operators make mistakes while making decisions and not in the process of their implementation. The analytical simulator is basically aimed at intellectual skills training.

Analytical simulator capabilities from the standpoint of simulation quality and offered training control service correspond to the full-scope simulator.

Analytical simulator provides with 80-90 % of tasks for training of the operators at power unit of traditional main control room equipped with hard panels. Traditional MCR with the control panels and mnemonic diagrams tends to be changed for computer MCR that leads to minimization of the difference between FSS and AS.
The experience accumulated by SSL provides creation of an integrated environment InSiDE for the simulator development. InSiDE allows to accelerate significantly and reduce the cost of the simulator development for any complicate technology object.

The simulator is the Technical Mean (TM) - the tool for the personnels initial and continuing training in the Training Departments of enterprises and organizations. SSL also develops and delivers the Training-Methodical Support (TMS) taking into account the enterprises specific features.

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